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Meet The Taste Maker: Chef Satish

Originally from a town called Shimla in northern India, Chef Satish has long experienced first-hand the uniqueness and endless variety of authentic Indian cuisine. Self-described as “in-born chef”, his passion for cooking can be traced all the way back to his early childhood years where cooking was an essential part of survival in northern India, and he committed himself to being his mother’s shadow when preparing food in the kitchen. This included his most cherished family recipe of lamb rogan josh with whole spices and ratanjot (physic nut), and his best childhood comfort food of rajma chawal (kidney beans with rice). Eventually, he was inspired by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor on television, to turn his passion into profession.

In addition, one of his uncles was a professional chef, and shared his culinary journey with him during summers spent together. Initially working as a kitchen worker and spending time assisting chefs across many different sections of the kitchen, a major breakthrough occurred for Chef Satish was he recruited by the sous chef to join the tandoor Indian kitchen, further improving his skills and experience. Today, he is the speciality outlet chef at Indigo at Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, constantly creating an endless array of authentic Indian cuisine, flavours, and spices to customers there. Chef Satish was also awarded the Nestle 2015 Master of the Chef Award, as well as the Fact Award, Zomato Award, and Times Award across various chef jobs. Finally, he is known for his utmost creativity, even occasionally preparing off-menu dishes, and considers his signature dish to be authentic Dan Makhani, which he creates with passion and proper procedure, ensuring that customers return to Indigo for even more.

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