Beach Rotana - Abu Dhabi
Meet The Taste Maker: Chef Pedro

Growing up in his native Germany, authentic German food was always of importance to Chef Pedro as he always enjoyed his grandmother’s cooking in the Baden-Alsatian region of Germany. After studying in the Swabian region of Germany, he travelled to various regions throughout the country and enjoyed sampling native dishes there, including the Franconian and Black Forest regions and the Cologne area. During his intense kitchen working times, he learnt the value of the emotional connections involving the hard work of creating a dish. Eventually, he moved to Seoul, South Korea, where he cooked authentic German food and delicacies at a Michelin star restaurant there and felt more than ever connected to his native country despite his distance from it.

Today, he is the speciality outlet chef at Brauhaus at Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, and passionately shares his authentic creations of native dishes with customers there. At the same time, his past travels have opened him up to cooking and eating non-German cuisine from around the world. He considers the most emotionally rewarding part of being a chef to be having constant access to the freshest ingredients and believes that passion is the key to a chef’s success.

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