Beach Rotana - all suites - Abu Dhabi
Finz: Wine Dinner
Beach RotanaRRRRR
The art of food and wine pairing for AED 290 ]
Finz: Business Lunch
Beach RotanaRRRRR
2-course meal for only AED 140 per person ]
Meet the Masters.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
9 culinary experiences 1 fabulous destination ]
Meet Yousef Jalajel.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Book at Finz and get to know him ]
Meet German Huerta.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Book at Rodeo Grill and get to know him ]
Meet Antonino Chirieleison.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Book at Prego's and get to to know him ]
Meet Pedro Kimmig.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Book at Brauhaus and get to know him ]
Meet Satish Kumar.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Book at Indigo and get to know him ]
Meet Jimmy Sek.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Book at Trader Vic's and get to know him ]
Meet Roy Matanguihan.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Book at Benihana and get to know him ]
Meet Abu Halab.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Visit Al Shorfa Lounge and get to know him ]
Meet Christian Rosse.
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Book at Essence and get to know him ]
Essence: Brunch at the Beach
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Every Friday, packages starting from AED 340 ]
Finz: Shuck Fest
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Freshly shucked oysters for AED 14 ]
Prego's: La Cantina
Beach RotanaRRRRR
20% off on a selection of grapes ]
Indigo: Velha Goa
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Goa on a Journey back to the past… ]
Essence: Theme Nights
Beach RotanaRRRRR
Venetian, Arabic and seafood nights with packages starting from AED 235 ]
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