Majestic Arjaan - Manama
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"Hotel Review"

Everything was excellent from cleaning services to hospitality to the vibes of the hotel and the food where the were numerous options to eat from and they were so delicious and special. I would recommend Rotana to anyone coming to Bahrain.

Reviewed by Mohammad a TripAdvisor traveler
Jordan 29th August 2022
"The best hotel in Bahrain"

A wonderful and beautiful hotel, I enjoyed my stay in it. The hosts are friendly. Very excellent service. I recommend staying there. It has a swimming pool, massage, cafe and gym. It was a great experience

Reviewed by Enzo-ALkhalifi a TripAdvisor traveler
6th August 2022
"One day stay"

The overall service was good. We asked for a cup with ice and they told us they only give buckets for 3BD which is a lot considering it’s just ice. We ordered food from outside and we paid online for it and we asked them just to take it from the delivery guy and bring it to the room but they said it’s not allowed we have to go and take it. We booked the room with thr garden view and several times men that work in the hotel will pass and look through the window or stop outside and take a look from far and this was definitely not appropriate considering we wear Hijab and they knew that we are still inside the apartment. On the other side, the place was very clean and quiet and they have most of the things you need there already.

Reviewed by Amina A a TripAdvisor traveler
Bahrain 8th July 2022
"Visit Bahrain"

The hotel, room, amenities, location and staff are excellent and superb. The room is very neat and perfect in every way and I'm loving it. The spa is also a must try because of their authentic Thai massage. I will surely be coming back here and I'll be happy to recommend this hotel to my family and friends.

Reviewed by Komana a TripAdvisor traveler
13th June 2022
"Good place price"

The hotel is very neat and the staff are very friendly. I recommend the hotel for others. The breakfast is good. Good spa. The hotel location is very quite. I am sure that I will revisit it next time. Near the airport and Bahrain bay

Reviewed by Ahmadq a TripAdvisor traveler
Austria 4th June 2022
"Our stay was amazing"

The staff were so helpful.. special thanks to jess who works at the front desk .. she was so amazing and really nice. The room service has a delicious desert menu.. the rooms were amazingly spotless. :)

Reviewed by HajarAlkandri a TripAdvisor traveler
30th April 2022
"Lovely Hotel"

We really enjoyed our stay as a family. The suite was spacious and the kids had room to walk. They enjoyed the pool area. The life guard was very attentive with all the kids so you could have a peace of mind. Defintly, would repeat the experience again soon.

Reviewed by KhaledAlO a TripAdvisor traveler
Kuwait 3rd March 2022
"Good hotel"

Good hotel the service was excellent room service and room cleanse was very good Good for family stying and friends the front desk was helpful and good the hotel overall rate is excellent and good hotel.

Reviewed by Mhj a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 15th January 2022

A great place to stay with family, The hotel has a spacious living rooms with enough number of bedrooms for a big family. It also has fully loaded kitchen. The staff are very Courteous and accommodating. Calm Neighborhood.

Reviewed by Mao a TripAdvisor traveler
10th January 2022
"Extraordinary Place to Stay"

We booked classic 3 bedrooms suite for 6 family members. We enjoyed this high quality and very comfortable two floors suite that have full kitchen, living room, balcony, 5 bathrooms, 1 single bed room, 1 twin bed room, and 2 king bed rooms. My family loved the glass wall view over the swimming pool and all facilities in this property. Breakfast buffet is very delicious with variety of foods. Front desk and all working staff are very professional, kind, and supportive. The location of the hotel is perfect which is around many attractions and events. We really recommend this hotel for family and others. When you visit Bahrain, always look for Majestic Arjaan by Rotana.

Reviewed by Salturky a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 28th December 2021

Perfect friendly staff

Bad: Service was very slow ( transfer bags to room)

Ahmed Bahrain
31st March 2020. Source:

فندق نظيف وجميل وخدماته حلوه واسعاره معقوله يوجد فيه شقق دورين وهادئ جداً

Abdulhakim Alnami
20th March 2020. Source: Google

Very nice Spa

รุ่งนภา อุปละ
18th March 2020. Source: Google

Clean and well maintained suitable for families
Good: We stayed in the two bedroom apartment. It was as expected and seen on site. definitely will stay again for upcoming visits. The gym, pool and breakfast buffet were very nice.
Bad: The in room dining was below average for most of the dishes ordered. The hotel did refund us money for one of the dishes cause it was not cooked well.

Naser Kuwait
3rd March 2020. Source:

A great comfortable family establishment
Good: The apartment was great and spacious. The gym was well equipped and very clean. All in all a good experience.
Bad: Room service food quality can be improved!

Meshal Kuwait
3rd March 2020. Source:

Good: نظافه
Bad: لا يوجد مناظر

Ibrahim Saudi Arabia
1st March 2020. Source:

The best hotel
Good: I liked the staff I liked the buffet I liked the organization, parking,location and cleaning
Bad: Everything

Eid Saudi Arabia
1st March 2020. Source:

Good: الاستقبال
Bad: رائحه الدخان

Nawf Saudi Arabia
27th February 2020. Source:

One of the best hotel I'ved been in my intire life

Randy De Guzman
26th February 2020. Source: Google


Re Ab
25th February 2020. Source: Google

فندق ذو جوده عاليه وانيق
اختيار موفق جدا .. نرجوا الاستمرار بهذه الجوده ... ارجوا استمراريه هذه العروض من حيث الاسعار .. نتمنى لكم التوفيق ........................................................................................

Hesham Ahmed (Solo), Bahrain
19th March 2020

I pleaser to stay in this type of hotel very good and all staff also very very helpful I hope my company given to chance visit again Baharain for our site work and hope same hotel . Please try to provide breakfast complementary

Swapan Bhowmick (Solo), India
2nd March 2020

فندق ممتاز في جميع المقايس .. ملاحظتي تنحصر في ضعف الانترنت فقط. . لكن لاتذكر بمقارنه الراحه والاستجمام .. تجربه ممتعه علماً بانها ليست الزياره الاولي وولا افكرر بمجازفه اختيار فندق اخر .. جميع الموظفين تعامل باسلوب راقي جداً

Saleem Saleh (Solo), Kuwait
28th February 2020

Perfect for the families and spend holidays I stayed in suite it was an amazing experience and tha flat was furnished beautifully Although it was a business trip but i will surely come with my family again

Muhammad Khalid (Solo), Pakistan
19th February 2020

Flying visit
We had a really good time even though it was a flying visit. The hotel staff were friendly, respectful and helpful. Our suite was lovely and the hotel is not too far from the airport. Would definitely stay again.when in Bahrain.

Umm-Wasim Mir (Solo), United Kingdom
15th February 2020

Best place for ever
مثل كل مرة تجربة إقامة جدا متميزة وكأنك في منزلك احترام جميل من جميع العاملين وبالأخص الأستاذ محمد بسالة وكذالك الأخ محمود سرعة في تسجيل الدخول والاخت زينا في تسجيل الخروج الجميع هنا يقوم بعملة على اكمل وجة فلهم جزيل الشكر

Naif Nasiri (Solo), Saudi Arabia
10th February 2020

تجربة تفوق التوقعات
تجربتي الثانية للفندق .. كنت أرغب في تجربة فندق جديد في مملكة البحرين ولم أجد أفضل من ماجستك أرجان خلال البحث و قمت بالحجز مره أخرى بكل سرور .. ارجوا لكم مزيد من التقدم .. احترافية الموظفين وسرعة تسجيل الدخول والخروج وجمال الفندق وسعة مكان الإقامة وقوة العزل والنظافة وموقع الفندق ومواقف السيارات والإفطار كل شي كان مثالي

Razen Al Harbi (Solo), Saudi Arabia
3rd February 2020

مساء الخير
كل الشكر والتقدير لإدارة ما جستيك روتانا ع ما تقومه به من خدمات راقيه للنزلاء وتشكرون ع النظافه والراحه الكامله وانصح الجميع الاقامه في هذا الفندق الجميل وكذالك الشكر لموظفي الاستقبال و إدارة الحجز شيخه

Nathem Al Smaeel (Solo), Saudi Arabia
22nd January 2020

من أفضل الفنادق التي أقمت فيها
يتميز الفندق برحابة المكان وحسن التنظيم والاستقبال والتفهم لأي طلب أو تغيير من قبل المقيم به . وأشكر جميع العاملين به على اهتمامهم وحرصهم على تلبية طلب المقيم وتوفير أقصى أشكال الراحة لضمان استمتاع العميل بإقامته . وشكر خاص لابتساماتهم الجميلة الدائمة

Abdulhamid Al Kandari (Solo), Kuwait
22nd January 2020

فساحة وراحة
تتميز الشقة في الفندق بفساحتها المكونة من دورين، صالة ومطبخ في الدور السفلي وغرف النوم في الدور العلوي. البركة جدا مناسبة للأطفال فهي محاطة بابراج الفندق الأربعة. صالة التمارين مهيئة بأبرز الاجهزة. الافطار منوع وبجودة ممتازة.

Amer Dakhil (Solo), Saudi Arabia
21st January 2020
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